Registration is now in progress for the 2017-18 Religious Education Program (grades 1-5).

This year's program runs from August 7, 2017 through May 6, 2018. Please contact Phil Becker, Director of Family Religious Education, at 520-795-1110 for more information.

family religious educationA Program for Families with Children in Grades K - 5

Our parish currently consists of about 800 households. We have a family-centered religious education program for those families with children in kindergarten through 5th grade. Together with the Youth Program, these ministries prepare children and youth for First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation through their classes. We strive for our young family members to love Christ through their Catholic faith so much so that they will stay active in the Church throughout their lives.

Our program happens twice a month, normally on the first and third Sundays, from 9:30 am - 10:20 am and includes the opportunity to attend either the 8:30 or 10:30am Mass. Each Sunday will feature:

Gospel Theatre: the Sunday Gospel will be acted out for all families, making the story real for our children.

Arts and Crafts: Children with their parents will work on an Arts and Crafts project that the children will take home. This will help the children hang on to the lesson after they leave our program.

Educational session for parents on the Sunday Scripture.

Educational session for children on the Sunday Scripture

Opportunity for families to attend the Mass service together at the Church.

For everyone's peace of mind, we have a Safe Environment Program to ensure all volunteers are screened prior to volunteering with our children.

Register at our Parish

We welcome you to join our family in Christ. If you would like to register with our parish and share in our faith community, please consider registering with us.