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Caffeine with a Conscience

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The Cafe Justo (Just Coffee) company mission is to deliver the highest quality, organic, environmentally-conscious fresh roasted coffee to its customers at a price that is fair and just. Their company goal is to create a bond between the members of its community, Salvador Urbina and its customers through superior customer service, delivery and a commitment to integrity and excellence in all aspects of its business.

Cafe Justo weekends are usually held on the weekend of the second Sunday of the month after each Mass.  You may purchase 1 lb. bags of regular ($9.00/lb) or decaf ($10/lb), ground or whole bean on these weekends.  Check below or the bulletin for the exact dates.

Thanks for your great support of the Cafe Justo Cooperative in Chiapas and Agua Prieta, Mexico. Coffee is sold at a Fair Trade Plus price so that farmers, not middlemen, make a fair profit for their co-op and their families.  Each year from the small profit generated, a contribution is sent to a U.S. or international charity that supports the working poor.  We are touching lots of lives!

This ministry is not only a very concrete and positive way of reducing the economic need for immigration from South of the border, but also provides a just and fair wage for these Mexican coffee bean workers as well as support for the Partners in Health Clinic in Chiapas. You may learn more about Just Coffee at: www.justcoffee.org.

2020 Sale Dates

January 11-12
February 8-9
March 7-8
April 4-5
May 9-10
June 13-14

July 11-12
August 8-9
September 12-13
October 10-11
November 7-8
December 12-13

SALES ARE HELD on the WEST PATIO after the Saturday Mass and in the PARISH HALL after Sunday Masses. Payments by cash, check and credit card are accepted.

If you would like to place a special order outside of these sale dates, please email us at: cafejustocabrini@gmail.com.

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