Bishop Weisenburger daily and Sunday Mass online

bishop daily mass online

Bishop and priests daily mass videos

Dear members of the St. Frances Cabrini community,

Although we are not able to attend mass nor receive communion, we are asked to remain united in prayer and look at this time as a period of "Spiritual Communion".

Bishop Edward Weisenburger and others will be offering videos of Mass each day during this time and ask us to join them in this Spiritual Communion. Here is the Bishop's letter:

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

If you log onto the Diocese of Tucson web page daily, you find Mass with me or one of our priests.

This is one of the ways we can pray together throughout this time of Eucharistic Fast.

May God bless you.

+Edward J. Weisenburger

1 thought on “Bishop Weisenburger daily and Sunday Mass online”

  1. Throughout this pandemic that we have been experiencing I thank you Bishop Weisenburger for giving us the opportunity to pray with you daily our daily mass, thank you. I have noticed that the small chapel that you use, shows us the times we are in! The two small candles on the Altar daily get shorter until the golden tops meet the bottom golden pieces. The candles are consumed quickly and it reminds me that our time is running on quickly. This pandemic is quickly consuming us as time runs on. I pray that our masses will return to our parishes soon. Each day I watch the candles consumed smaller and smaller. Lord, may we be consumed by your Love only, and let not our Faith ever be burned out.

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