Special Message from Bishop Weisenburger

Due to concerns about how the Delta variant of COVID-19 might be affecting unvaccinated children, Bishop Weisenburger  is now urging that both Clergy and the Faithful wear masks, at this time, at all Masses and events. This includes both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons.  The reason is that there are no vaccines approved for persons younger than 12, and evidence is mounting that the Delta variant affects children and infants more than the original virus, and it can be spread even by vaccinated persons.

Therefore, until directed otherwise, effective immediately, everyone  is asked to wear masks at all Masses and events.   (Priests and Deacons will remove them while speaking.)  The Bishop has also suspended the Sunday Mass obligation for families with small children.  Parents may make the decision for their own families whether or not to attend Mass.  Even if no young children are present at a Mass or other event, please bear in mind that parents or other persons regularly in contact with young children (like grandparents or teachers!) may be in attendance, and we need to protect them from exposure to the Delta variant and the risk of passing it along to children.   As the Bishop has said, this is a life issue!

We have taken this information from the August 2, 2021  article in the Diocese of Tucson New Outlook Online News, "Mass, Covid Precautions and Recommendations."

Below is a video from Bishop Weisenburger. You can click here to read his written update as well.