Theology Uncorked – Mending the Brokenhearted

Mending the Brokenhearted

Monday, February 3

We believe that God’s justice demands an interactive and reciprocal process that leads to healing.

Restorative Justice asks:
“Who is hurt, what do they need to be healed and who is responsible?” Victims, offenders, justice institutions, society and the Church are called on a journey that will lead to reconciliation and redemption. The Gospel call is to respond pastorally, speak and act prophetically, educate the community and advocate effectively, especially in the public arena.

Restorative Justice appeals to the better side of human nature and not the destructive, vengeful dark side. It is a movement of hope for victims and offenders. RJ is transforming the criminal justice system and healing the brokenhearted. Restorative justice is a new way of thinking about crime, community and working together for a preferred future.

Sr. Suzanne Jabro’s community-based non-profit organization, Center for Restorative Justice Work, unites children, families and communities separated by crime and the policies of the criminal justice system. The agency's flagship program, Get On The Bus, mobilizes grassroots faith-based communities throughout California to send more than 1,200 children of prisoners to visit their parents in prison for Mother's and Father's Days.

Sr. Suzanne is a nationally recognized leader in the development and evolution of Restorative Justice Ministry. She led two Roman Catholic Diocesan Restorative Justice Ministry Departments, and built the Archdiocese of Los Angeles' program into the largest in the country. She served as a prison chaplain and co-director of a residential program for ex-offenders.

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