Theology Uncorked – Artisans Beyond Borders

Beauty, Grace, and Social Justice

Monday, December 16

Explore what a border arts ministry looks like in this era, the role arts ministry can play in providing respite, healing, and personal agency and why advocating for hand-made Cultural and familial arts is critical to the collective soul of us all.

Valarie Lee James, Artist & Activist, is the Arts & Activities Volunteer Program Coordinator at Casa Alitas Shelter, a former Clinical Art Therapist, long-time border resident, writer, & Benedictine Oblate.

Artisans Beyond Borders is an Arts Ministry of Tucson’s Grace St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

Women of Bordando Esperanza (Embroidering Hope), Nogales, MX 2019

Theology Uncorked is a free program for theological reflection, good conversation, delicious wines and fresh popcorn! This program is offered usually on the first Monday of each month with presentations, movies, etc., which allow us to further examine our lives as it relates to Christ's teachings. You are welcome to bring snacks or a bottle of wine to share as we delve into our theology! All are welcome to join us!

2 thoughts on “Theology Uncorked – Artisans Beyond Borders”

  1. I love to wear the embroidery work from these people. It is a way we can help people to LIVE and EAT and also to encourage artistic talents that dwell in all of us, but are often put aside or not encouraged as “worthwhile” meaning money making. Art is speaking of the soul. Read about many of the famous artists who have lived and sent out the longings of their souls. Think of Vincent…never understood and yet, gave us the most incredible messages from his heart.

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