Students’ Joyful Message for 3rd Sunday of Advent 2020

Today is a day for rejoicing…Gaudete Sunday. We pray you enjoy this short video of joyful thoughts from three more of our Faith Formation students as they present this project for the 3rd Sunday of Advent of 2020 for St. Frances Cabini Catholic Parish’s community members. Please post your comments here to let them know what you think of their reflections on the day. Jesus is near!

(the following is a link to our Facebook page; the video is too large to be posted in its entirety to our website. We apologize for any viewing difficulty this might cause.)

1 thought on “Students’ Joyful Message for 3rd Sunday of Advent 2020”

  1. I enjoyed listening to and watching this video which is inspiring and truly heartfelt. My cup overflows with gratitude for all that is given by God even though I don’t deserve it. Thank you, students of St. Frances Cabrini, for reminding me.

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