Theology Uncorked – The Fight Against Human Trafficking

New Hope and Developments in the Abolitionist Movement

Monday, December 17, 2018

Sr. Kathleen Bryant is a Religious Sister of Charity and a contemplative activist who has learned from survivors and others about Human Trafficking. She is on the board of US Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking and a member of the LA Regional Human Trafficking Task Force. She is also the Regional Vicar for the California region and is missioned to the ministry of Spirituality and the abolition of human trafficking.

While some people may have heard of the great work of Nuns on the Bus to engage people on pressing social issues, there’s also the “Nuns on the Underground Railroad”—a quiet movement of nuns working together to restore dignity and healing for victims of labor and sex trafficking across the nation and the world.

For several years now, Catholic nuns have been proactive in preventing sex trafficking before, during, and after major sporting events like the Super Bowl by raising public awareness and conducting personal visits to hotels to alert them to the signs of human trafficking. Nuns have also placed full-page ads in airline magazines to educate the public about the dangers of child trafficking.

Sr. Kathleen is the eldest of 8, and raised in a “chaotic, crazy, Catholic family” in California. She entered the RSC’s in 1967. She has taught school in California, Ireland and Zambia and worked for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles as a Vocation Director for 21 years. Now she is fighting human trafficking, and is also in Ministry of Spirituality, giving retreats and doing spiritual direction. She has given workshops in Australia, Ireland, Tanzania, and many other countries. Her ministry has also taken her to Vietnam, Venezuela, Poland and many other exciting places!

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