June 3
Rikers: An American Jail (63 min.)
This riveting documentary from Bill Moyers brings you face-to-face with men and women who have endured incarceration at Rikers Island.

June 17
Paris to Pittsburgh (77 min.)
This new film from National Geographic is offered through Interfaith Power and Light to draw faith communities together to inspire local action to heal the climate for everyone’s benefit despite Washington’s inability to act.

July 1
Spare Parts (Docu-drama 115 min)
An out-of-work engineer turned high school teacher (George Lopez) helps 4 Hispanic students form a robotics club. With no experience, $800 and scavenged car parts they build a robot and compete against elite university robotics teams.

July 15
Dark Money (96 min)
This documentary shows the ramifications of the Citizens United ruling. As dark money floods elections nationwide, Montanans have stood up in a struggle that has the potential to change the way elections happen across the U.S.

August 5
Won’t you be My Neighbor (94 min)
Film maker Morgan Neville examines the life and legacy of Fred Rogers, beloved host of the popular PBS children’s program Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

August 19
The Invisible War (97 min)
Veterans of the US Armed Forces recount events surrounding their sexual assaults while serving. They share the common themes of lack of recourse to an impartial justice system, reprisals against survivors, forced expulsions, stalled careers and lack of adequate emotional and physical care for survivors.

September 2 6:00 PM SPECIAL START TIME
Grapes of Wrath (129 min)
This 1940 drama, based on John Steinbeck’s iconic novel, depicts the Joad clan, headed by their son Tom (Henry Fonda), as they search for a better life in California after their drought-ridden farm is seized by the bank.

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