Jordan Ministries – Bernstein’s Mass Mini Retreat

“Mass: A Theatre-Piece for Singers, Dancers and Players”

November 14 & 16

Jordan Ministry Center
48 N. Tucson Blvd, #104, Tucson, AZ

In 1971, Leonard Benrstein composed “Mass: A Theatre Piece for Singers, Dancers, and Players” for the opening of the Kennedy Center for the performing Arts. This seminal work brings together the texts of the traditional “Latin Mass” with tropes and protests that invite us to reflect on contemporary questions of faith and life. A blend of classical music, rock, jazz, and blues, “Mass” is a powerful opportunity to explore the meaning and place of faith in our world today.

This two-part retreat will be led by Jordan Ministry Team’s Bro. Silas Henderson, SDS, and will include opportunities to listen to “Mass” with guided discussion and reflections.

• Part 1: Thu., Nov. 14
5:30 – 8:00 pm

• Part 2: Sat., Nov. 16
8:30-11:30 am

• The cost for this two-part retreat is $20; a copy of the libretto and light refreshments will be provided.

• To register for this retreat, contact Jordan Ministry Team at (520) 623-2563 or

Presented by the Jordan Ministry Team. Jordan Ministry Team is a collaborative ministry of the Salvatorian Family. For more information, visit

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